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Items All prices are in U.S. Dollars
CD2P00CDI QuikScore Forms (25/pkg)$88.00
CDI100CDI Parent QuikScore Forms (25/pkg)$88.00
CDI200CDI Teacher QuikScore Forms (25/pkg)$88.00
CDIF31French CDI:S QuikScore Forms (25/pkg)$88.00
CDIS10Spanish CDI QuikScore Forms (25/pk)$88.00
CD5P00CDI -Short QuikScore Forms (25/pkg)$88.00
CDI22CDI Complete User's Package
Manual, 25 CDI QuikScore Forms, 25 CDI:S QuikScore Forms, 25 CDI:P QuikScore Forms, and 25 CDI:T QuikSCore Forms
CD3P1CDI Technical Manual Update$115.00
CDI53CDI V.5 Software Kit
Manual, V.5 Getting Started Guide, and 25 Profile Reports
CDI510CDI V.5 Profile Reports
(minimum purchase of 50)
CDI52CDI V.5 Preview Version
V.5 Getting Started Guide and 3 Profile Reports
CDIP0LCDI Data Entry Sheets
CDIS0LCDI:S Data Entry Sheets