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Conners Early Childhood™

C. Keith Conners, Ph.D.
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CEC009Conners Early Childhood Behavior -T Response Bklt. Eng (25)$60.00
CEC014Spanish Conners Early Childhood-DM-P Resp Bklt (25/pkg) $55.00
CEC001Conners Early Childhood Complete Scoring Software Kit
Manual, Unlimited Use Scoring Software, and 25 Parent/Teacher Response Booklets
CEC039Conners Early Childhood Global Index Handscored Kit
Manual and 25 Parent/Teacher QuikScore Forms
CEC002Spanish Conners Early Childhood Complete Scoring Software Kit
Manual, Unlimited Use Scoring Software, and 25 Parent/Teacher Spanish Response Booklets
CEC003Conners Early Childhood Manual$93.00
CEC040Spanish Early Childhood Global Index Handscored Kit$189.00
CEC004Conners Early Childhood -P Response Booklet (25/pkg)$60.00
CEC041Conners Early Childhood GI-P QuikScore Forms (25/pkg)$60.00
CEC005Conners Early Childhood -T Response Booklet (25/pkg)$60.00
CEC042Conners Early Childhood GI-T QuikScore Forms (25/pkg)$60.00
CEC006Conners Early Childhood Dev. Milestones-P Response Bklt (25/pkg)$55.00
CEC043Spanish Conners Early Childhood GI-P QuikScore Forms (25/pkg)$60.00
CEC007Conners Early Childhood Dev. Milestones-T Response Bklt (25/pkg)$55.00
CEC044Spanish Conners Early Childhood GI-T QuikScore Forms (25/pkg)$60.00
CEC008Conners Early Childhood BEH-P Response Bklt (25/pkg)$60.00
CEC046Spanish Conners Early Childhood Global Index Online Kit
Conners ECGI Manual, 25 Spanish Parent/Teacher/ Self-Report Online Forms
CEC010Conners Early Childhood B-P Short Response Forms Eng (25/pk)$55.00
CEC011Conners Early Childhood B-T Short Response Forms Eng (25 ) $55.00
CEC012Spanish Conners Early Childhood-P Response Booklet (25/pkg)$60.00
CEC049Spanish Conners Early Childhood GI-P Online Form$3.25
CEC013Spanish Conners Early Childhood-T Response Booklet (25/pkg)$60.00
CEC050Spanish Conners Early Childhood GI-T Online Form$3.25
CEC015Spanish Conners Early Childhood-DM-T Response Bklt.(25/pkg)$55.00
CEC016Spanish Conners Early Childhood BEH-P Response Bklts(25/pkg)$60.00
CEC017Spanish Conners Early Childhood BEH-T Response Bklts (25/pkg)$60.00
CEC018Spanish Conners Early Childhood BEH-P Short Response Bklts (25/pkg)$55.00
CEC019Spanish Conners Early Childhood BEH-T Short Response Booklets (25/pkg)$55.00
CEC020Conners Early Childhood - Scoring Software$231.00
CEC021Conners Early Childhood Online Kit
Conners EC Manual, 25 Parent/Teacher/ Self-Report Online Forms
CEC022Spanish Conners Early Childhood Online Kit
Conners EC Manual (English) & 25 Spanish Parent/Teacher Online Forms
CEC023Conners Early Childhood-P Online Form Eng (Min. 25)$3.75
CEC024Conners Early Childhood -T Online Form (Min. 25)$3.75
CEC025Conners Early Childhood DM-P Online Form (Min. 25)$3.25
CEC026Conners Early Childhood DM-T Online Form (Min. 25)$3.25
CEC027Conners Early Childhood Behavior-P Online Form (Min. 25)$3.75
CEC028Conners Early Childhood Behavior-T Online Form (Min. 25)$3.75
CEC029Conners Early Childhood BEH-P Short Online Form (Min. 25)$3.25
CEC030Conners Early Childhood BEH-T Short Online Form (Min. 25)$3.25
CEC031Spanish Conners Early Childhood-P Online Form (Min. 25)$3.75
CEC032Spanish Conners Early Childhood-T Online Form (Min.25)$3.75
CEC033Spanish Conners Early Childhood DM-P Online Form$3.25
CEC034Spanish Conners Early Childhood DM-T Online Form$3.25
CEC035Spanish Conners Early Childhood B-P Online Form$3.75
CEC036Spanish Conners Early Childhood B-T Online Form$3.75
CEC037Spanish Conners Early Childhood B-P Short Online Form$3.25
CEC038Spanish Conners Early Childhood B-T Short Online Form$3.25


 C. Keith Conners, Ph.D.

Age Range 2–6

Administration Time

  • Conners Early Childhood: 25 minutes
  • Conners Early Childhood Developmental Milestones: 10 to 15 minutes
  • Conners Early Childhood Behavior: 15 minutes
  • Conners Early Childhood Behavior Short: 10 minutes
  • Conners Early Childhood Global Index: 5 minutes
Administration Type

  • Parent-completed
  • Teacher/childcare provider-completed

Qualification Level B



Conners Early Childhood Brochure
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