Anger Disorders Scale

Raymond DiGiuseppe, Ph.D.
Raymond Chip Tafrate, Ph.D.
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ADS01ADS Complete Kit
Manual, 10 ADS Item Booklets, 25 ADS QuikScore Forms, and 25 ADS:S QuickScore Forms
ADS04ADS Technical Manual$86.00
ADS100ADS Item Booklet (reusable; 10/pkg)$32.00
ADS050ADS QuikScore Forms (25/pkg)$55.00
ADS070ADS:S QuikScore Forms (25/pkg)$55.00
ADS600ADS Online Interpretive Report Kit
Manual and 25 ADS Interpretive Reports
ADS610ADS Online Interpretive Reports (minimum purchase of 25 )
(minimum purchase of 25 )
ADS620ADS Online Profile Reports (minimum purchase of 50 )
(minimum purchase of 50 )
ADS51ADS V.5 Software Kit
Manual, V.5 Getting Started Guide, and 25 Interpretive Reports
ADS52ADS V.5 Profile Reports (minimum purchase of 50)
(minimum purchase of 50)
ADS53ADS V.5 Interpretive Reports (minimum purchase of 25)
(minimum purchase of 25)
ADS54ADS V.5 Preview Version
V.5 Getting Started Guide and 3 ADS Interpretive Reports
ADS55ADS Data Entry Sheets (50/pkg) (Item Booklet Required)
(50/pkg; Item Booklets required)
ADS56ADS:S Data Entry Sheets

Raymond DiGiuseppe, Ph.D. & Raymond Chip Tafrate, Ph.D.

Age Range 18 and older

Administration Time
Short: 5–10 minutes
Long: 20 minutes

Administration Type
  • Self-report

Qualification Level B