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Conners CPT 3™
Conners Continuous Performance Test 3rd Edition™

C. Keith Conners, Ph.D.
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CPTCE1Conners CPT 3 CE Online Manual Quiz - 3 CE Credits $45.00
CPT320Conners CPT 3/CATA/K-CPT 2 Combo Unlimited Use Kit
CPT 3/CATA/K-CPT 2 Manuals, CPT 3/CATA/K-CPT 2 Unlimited Use Software, Unlimited CPT 3/CATA/K-CPT 2 Uses
CPT302Conners CPT Combo Unlimited Kit
CPT Manual, CPT Combo Software, Unlimited CPT 3 & CATA Uses
CPT304Conners CPT Combo Pay-Per-Use Kit
CPT Manual, CPT Combo Software, 10 CPT 3 Uses & 10 CATA Uses
CPT303Conners CPT 3 Unlimited Use Kit
CPT Manual, CPT 3 Software, Unlimited CPT 3 Uses
CPT305Conners CPT 3 Pay-Per-Use Kit
CPT Manual, CPT 3 Software, 10 CPT 3 Uses
CPT306Conners CPT 3 Uses (Qty of 10)
10 Uses of the Conners CPT3. Requires initial purchase of CPT305 Conners CPT 3 Pay-Per-Use Kit
CPT301Conners CPT3 Manual$99.00
CPTCE2Conners CPT3/CATA/K-CPT2: Online Workshop$20.00
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Author  C. Keith Conners, Ph.D.

Age Range 8+

Administration Time 14 minutes

Administration Type
  • Individual-completed

Conners CPT 3 & Conners CATA

Bundle to Save!

Conners K-CPT 2 Conners CPT 3, Conners CATA Combo Kit


Conners CATA

Conners K-CPT 2