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Children’s Depression Inventory 2

Maria Kovacs, Ph.D.
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CD2CE1CDI 2 CE Online Manual Quiz - 3 CE Credits$45.00
CD2000CDI 2 Manual$88.00
CD2006CDI 2 Online Kit
CDI 2 Manual, 25 Self-Report/Self-Report Short/Parent/Teacher Online Forms
CD2009CDI 2 Parent Online Form$3.00
CD2010CDI 2 Teacher Online Form$3.00
CD2007CDI 2 Self Report Online Form$3.00
CD2008CDI 2 Self Report Short Online Form$3.00
CD2017CDI 2 Scoring Software Program - USB Key
CDI 2 Software Scoring Installation - CD2016, MHS Scoring Software USB - MHSUSB
CD2015CDI 2 Complete Software Kit
CDI 2 Manual, CDI 2 Software Scoring Installation, 25 Self-Report Response Forms, 25 Self-Report Short Response Forms, 25 Parent Response Forms, 25 Teacher Response Forms
CD2020CDI 2 Parent Response Forms (25/pkg)$55.00
CD2021CDI 2 Teacher Response Forms (25/pkg)$55.00
CD2018CDI 2 Self-Report Response Forms (25/pkg)$55.00
CD2019CDI 2 Self Report Short Response Forms (25/pkg)$55.00
CD2001CDI 2 Handscored Kit
CDI 2 Manual, 25 Self Report QuikScore Forms, 25 Self-Report Short QuikScore Forms, 25 Parent QuikScore Forms, 25 Teacher QuikScore Forms
CD2004CDI 2 Parent QuikScore Forms (25/pkg)$55.00
CD2005CDI 2 Teacher QuikScore Forms (25/pkg)$55.00
CD2002CDI 2 Self Report QuikScore Forms (25/pkg)$55.00
CD2003CDI 2 Self Report Short QuikScore Forms (25/pkg)$55.00
CD2022CDI 2 Spanish Online Kit
CDI 2 Manual, 25 Spanish Self-Report/Self-Report Short/Parent/Teacher Online Forms
CD2013Spanish CDI 2 Parent Online Form$3.00
CD2014Spanish CDI 2 Teacher Online Form$3.00
CD2011Spanish CDI 2 Self Report Online Form$3.00
CD2012Spanish CDI 2 Self Report Short Online Form$3.00

Author Maria Kovacs, Ph.D.

Age Range 7 to17 years

Administration Time 5–15 minutes

Administration Type
  • Parent-completed
  • Teacher-completed
  • Youth-completed
Qualification Level B