Conners CBRS™
Conners Comprehensive Behavior Rating Scales

C. Keith Conners. Ph.D
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CBRCE1Conners CBRS CE Online Manual Quiz - 8 CE Credits$120.00
CBRCE2Conners CBRS Online Workshop - 2 CE Credits
Introduction & Application to the Conners CBRS
CBRS02Conners CBRS Manual$104.00
CBRS29Conners CBRS Quick Reference Card-English$6.00
CBRSUPConners CBRS DSM-5 Supplement$15.00
CBRS14Conners CBRS Online Assessment Report Kit
Conners CBRS Manual, 25 Parent/Teacher/ Self-Report Online Forms
CBRS41Conners CBRS Spanish Online KIT
Manual (English) and 25 Spanish Parent Online forms, 25 Spanish Self-Report Online forms, & 25 English Teacher Online Forms
CBRS30Conners CBRS-P Online Form English$4.00
CBRS31Conners CBRS-T Online Form English$4.00
CBRS32Conners CBRS-SR Online Form English$4.00
CBRS36Conners CBRS-P Online Form Spanish$4.00
CBRS37Conners CBRS-SR Online Form Spanish$4.00
CBRS18Conners CBRS Software Kit
Manual, Unlimited-Use Scoring Program, 25 Item Booklets for each of Conners CBRS-P, Conners CBRS-T, and Conners CBRS-SR
CBRS19Conners CBRS Scoring Software Program - USB Key
Unlimited Use Scoring Program
CBRS20Conners CBRS Software Kit Spanish
Manual, Unlimited-Use Scoring Program, 25 Item Booklets for each of Conners CBRS-P Spanish, Conners CBRS-T English and Conners CBRS-SR Spanish
CBRS03Conners CBRS-P Response Booklet Eng (25/pkg)$60.00
CBRS04Conners CBRS-T Response Booklet Eng (25/pkg)$60.00
CBRS05Conners CBRS-SR Response Booklet Eng (25/pkg)$60.00
CBRS10Conners CBRS-P Response Booklet Spanish (25/pkg)$60.00
CBRS11Conners CBRS-SR Response Booklet Spanish(25/pkg)$60.00
C3CBSPConners 3/Conners CBRS Spanish Software Combo Package$1,399.00

 C. Keith Conners, Ph.D. 

Age Range
  • 6 to 18 years for teacher forms and parent forms 
  • 8 to 18 years for self-report forms 
Conners CBRS Items
  • Parent (203)
  • Teacher (204
  • Self-Report (179)
Administration Time Approximately 20 minutes 

Administration Type

  • Parent-completed
  • Teacher-completed
  • Youth-completed 
Qualification Level B